For more than 45 years Coy Labs has produced glove boxes for controlled atmospheres including anaerobic chambers and hypoxic glove boxes and cabinets designed to fit a wide variety of needs.

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  • Basic Glove Boxes
  • Anaerobic Chambers
  • Humidity Control Glove Boxes
  • Hypoxic Chambers (O2 Control)
  • PCR Workstation
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meters
  • Basic controlled atmosphere glove box by Coy Laboratory Products

    Basic Glove Boxes

    Basic controlled atmosphere glove boxes are an economical way to perform a range of functions in industries such as pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing. See Details »

  • Anaerobic chamber by Coy Laboratory Products

    Anaerobic Chambers

    Coy Labs' anaerobic chambers are used in microbiology research, clinical microbiology, biochemistry, cell culture, human microbiome studies, biofuels, and more. See Details »

  • Coy Lab Hypoxic Chambers Products

    Hypoxic Chambers

    You can count on our easy-to-use hypoxic chambers for research that requires consistent atmospheric control to maintain hypoxia, normoxia, or hyperoxia. See Details »

  • Dry glove box by Coy Laboratory Products

    Humidity Control Glove Box

    Humidity control chambers allow control of interior humidity levels above or below ambient conditions, available in clear polycarbonate or aluminum. See Details »

  • CleanSpot PCR Workstation by Coy Laboratory Products

    CleanSpot PCR Workstations

    The CleanSpot PCR Workstation is the easiest, most economical method for DNA (RNA) purification. Just 25–30 minutes of UV irradiation prevents PCR contamination. See Details »

  • Operant Algesiometers

    Operant Algesiometers

    OCS units provide an operant method of pain testing with rodents that complements reflexive methods by addressing cognitive and motivational processing. See Details »

  • Flow-through Cells for O2, pH, and CO2 by Coy Laboratory Products

    Oxygen, pH, & Carbon Dioxide Sensors

    We offer a broad range of oxygen, pH, and carbon dioxide sensors for a diverse array of applications. See Details »

  • Gas permeable plates by Coy Laboratory Products

    Gas Permeable Plates

    Our gas permeable plates are ideal for intermittent hypoxia studies where cell microenvironments must change in response to fast cycling of gaseous O2 levels. See Details »

  • Options & Accessories

    There are over 30 different options and accessories to add to our glove boxes.  W ether your unit is a hypoxic or anaerobic chamber or temperature or humidity control glove box these… See Details »