Vinyl Anaerobic Chambers

Coy Lab’s Vinyl Anaerobic Chambers provide a strict anaerobic atmosphere of 0-5 parts per million (ppm) using a palladium catalyst and hydrogen gas mix of 5%. The heavy duty vacuum airlock allows sample transfer without changes to the internal atmosphere. The programmable airlock allows the user to tailor an interchange sequence ideal for their lab experiments.

The flexible nature of the unit allows for the user to reach deeper and higher into the unit and, combined with padded base and larger glove ports, allows for greater ergonomics vs. a rigid glove box. The optically clear vinyl greatly increases operator vision, and the user does not encounter any glove “fight back” as the flexible nature allows the entire glove box to give with changes to internal volume.  The fact the unit does not expel gas when pressure changes means a dramatic difference in gas consumption rates and thus operational cost savings.

NEW! Quick Change Cuffs are available on any new or existing vinyl anaerobic chamber. Change your vinyl anaerobic chamber gloves in less than 30 seconds!  See video demonstration »

Coy Vinyl Anaerobic Chambers are constructed of flexible PVC  with padded base, efficient vacuum airlock, and aluminum support frame.  And features the following.

  • Large equipment entry port
  • Replaceable gloves
  • Circulation System and Catalyst
  • Interior power supply with 5 outlets
  • Ports for additional tubing or cords
  • Vacuum pump included
  • Temperature control options

The Coy Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber is the most cited chamber in the world for anaerobic microbiology because it is the strictest anaerobic system on the market and the most efficient with regards to gas consumption.  The vinyl expands and contract to allow for changes in internal pressure without expelling the expensive gas mix to room atmosphere saving you up to 60% on your operational gas cost annually.

The large oval glove ports allow all user to reach deeper and higher into the chamber for greater storage capacity and ergonomics.  This allows a vinyl unit to be manufactured larger than other rigid style units which in turn makes it easier to maintain the anaerobic chamber conditions and helps create a stricter control of the anaerobic conditions.

NEW! Quick Change Cuffs are available on any new or existing vinyl anaerobic chamber. Change your vinyl anaerobic chamber gloves in less than 30 seconds!

Glove Box Specifications Type C Type A Type B
Construction Material Vinyl (PVC) and Aluminum
Total Glove Box Footprint 153 L x 97 D
(H= 142) cm
200 L x 97 D
(H= 142) cm
249 L x 97 D
(H= 142) cm
Interior Work Area 106 L x 81 D cm 149 L x 81 D cm 198 L x 81 D cm
Chamber Dimensional NOTE: Due to the flexible nature of the unit the above dimensions can vary with operational pressure.
Glove Port Style 27 w x 43 H Oval
Catalyst Palladium (maintains 0-5 parts per million Oxygen)
Glove Box Temperature Control (option) +3 ambient to 40° C
Standard on all Heated Chambers
Glove Box working Incubation Capacity 576 x 90mm
Petri Dishes
1152 x 90mm
Petri Dishes
1344 x 90mm
Petri Dishes
Airlock Capacity 78 x 100mm plates
Airlock Cycle Times 30 – 160 seconds
User Adjustable
Interior Power Supply 4 outlets Standard
110 or 220volt options available
*Note certain optional accessory equipment from Coy may occupy some or all of these outlets
Glove Material Vinyl Sleeve with Latex Glove
*Neoprene optional for those with latex allergies
Additional Access Ports
Cords/Tubing 68.5cm dia. Port
Left side location as standard
Gas Requirements Dual or Single tank operation
Background Gas (any inert gas usually N2) and Anaerobic Gas (5%H2)
CO2 % mixes are based on biological study needs and not necessary to chamber operation


Anaerobic Chambers